Frequently Asked Questions

Do You See Women And/Or Couples?

Yes and yes! There is nothing I love more than a girls night out (or in). I thoroughly enjoy the company of others and would find great pleasure in tagging along. For couples, it's an additional 200 to my original rate and a required minimum of 1.5 hours. Both parties are to be screened separately. 

What can I expect on fly me to you/travel trips?

For fly-me-to-you and travel dates, I require a round trip ticket and my own accommodations (if we’re meeting for the first time). It’s essential for me to get my beauty rest and have time to freshen up for the day! I ask for 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and about an hour each day to freshen up. All expenses are to be covered during the trip and a 50% deposit is required prior to meeting.

How do I make my deposit?

I currently accept Cash App and some gift cards for deposits only.

What’s your style?

Typically I’ll show up in jeans, flats (or heels) and a fitting top. I wear lots of black and neutral colors, but love sundresses and crop tops in the summer.

Do you have reviews?

Yes, you can find them on Private Delights, however, I do not currently accept new reviews for discretion purposes.

Is my information protected?

Yes; all screening info is handled by me with discretion and will be deleted once verified. I use Protonmail as my primary form of contact to ensure all communication is encrypted. I will not text or call any number you do not wish to be contacted on.

What’s your availability?

I am available Monday through Sunday given at least 24-48 hours notice in advance. While I don’t accept same day appointments in Seattle, I do while on tour.

May I bring alcohol?

Of course! Feel free to bring whatever you want, but keep in mind that I’m not a big drinker and might not partake. However, I’m open to learning more about wine and whisky as long as the bottles are opened in front of me. If you show up too intoxicated, become intoxicated, or are under the influence of drugs, I have the right to leave without a refund.

Do you give references?

Yes, I’m more than happy to provide a reference for you as long as we saw each other within the last 6 months and you have asked me beforehand. Do not ever use me as a reference without my knowledge.